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"An MSC-status company, founded by a group of Malaysian technology enthusiast in 2002. Unique among other ICT companies in that our focus is on meeting the needs of a well-defined problem by adopting a set of technology, from the intuitive graphical interface down to specific hardware platform."

"An R&D driven company, operated by highly motivated young engineers and programmers, who builds software for a living. They have grown up with computers. They are friendly to machines, and they deal with software and technology naturally. Customers chose them because they build software with styles." 

"V.NET team encompasses all aspects of the IT industry giving them a holistic approach to any client requirement. Their proprietary and open source technology skills cover everything horizontally across business units and vertically by business function."

"A company who believe in business is only as good as the clients it serves, and the key to their success is the relationships built that go beyond one-time projects and the value they provide to all clients consistently ongoing basis."


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